You are a design professional

and you are looking for unique products for your customers?

If you are an interior designer in Quebec looking for an exceptional experience for your clients, Maison Cosya is here to meet your needs with our Designer program, designed especially for professionals like you. By joining our program, you benefit from a host of tailored benefits to help you provide your clients with an unrivaled design experience.

The advantages of the Designer program

  • Personalized products for your customers

    We offer you the opportunity to offer your customers personalized products, allowing you to create unique spaces that reflect their personality. By adding your customer's first name, an inspiring quote or any other personalized text, you strengthen the emotional connection with your customers, demonstrate your attention to detail and distinguish yourself from your competitors.
  • Custom collection adapted to your style

    Our team is ready to collaborate with you to create completely new and exclusive collections, tailored to your customers' specific style. From your ideas, concepts or themes, we design unique products that perfectly meet the needs and preferences of your customers, providing them with an incomparable tailor-made design experience.
  • Special discounts and promotional offers

    As a member of our Designer Program, you benefit from special discounts and exclusive promotional offers. Take advantage of a 15% discount on our entire catalog, allowing you to save on every purchase while providing your customers with quality design solutions.
  • Early access to new products

    As a preferred partner, you will have early access to our new products before their official launch. Be among the first to discover and offer your customers our latest designs, strengthening your reputation as a leader in the interior design field and providing your customers with valued exclusivity.

Apply to our program

Following the submission of your request, we will contact you by email within 48 business hours.